California Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc.

California Industrial Hygiene Services Inc. (CIH Services) has been providing health, safety, and environmental consulting services since 1988. The strategy of CIH Services is to provide expert and comprehensive consultation services to clients utilizing only seasoned, credentialed professionals. All services are performed by industrial hygienists certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and/or safety professionals certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Key personnel for this project each have 29 or more years professional field experience.

We believe there is no substitute for experience in ensuring high quality services are provided in a timely and efficient manner. Experience also allows us to provide effective and practical solutions to achieve a reduction in risk and costs from work-related injuries and illnesses as well as achieving compliance with government regulations.

CIH Services is relied upon by governments and municipalities, institutions, and businesses - both large and small, to handle complex issues that necessitate state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques.